Load Balancing Horizon View using Avi Vantage


Avi Vantage (VMware NSX Advanced load balancer) is a software-only ADC which offers enterprise grade load balancing, web application firewall and other application services in multi cloud environments. Avi Vantage offers a distributed architecture with separate control plane and data plane.

Starting with 18.2.7 release, Avi Vantage can be deployed for load balancing Horizon View deployed on premises in vCenter or VMware Cloud (VMC). Avi Vantage provides a full feature load balancing for Horizon for multiple deployment scenarios, including GSLB for multi-site deployments.

avi horizon

This following table provides a list of articles that discuss the design options, the configurations required for load balancing Horizon as well as GSLB for multi-site deployments:

Horizon Reference Articles
Reference Architecture
Single VIP with two Virtual Services (Using 307 Redirect)
Load Balancing for Horizon Environments in (n+1) Mode using 307 Solution
Avi GSLB Solution for Active/ Active Deployments for UAG Deployments
Avi GSLB for (n+1) Horizon Deployments
Horizon Legacy Articles
Configuration Guide
GSLB in Avi Vantage for Horizon