Compatibility Guide for AKO


The Avi Vantage platform integrates with Kubernetes using the operator called Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO). This document outlines the compatibility and features supported by AKO in different environments.

Support for Kubernetes/ Orchestrators

The AKO version 1.1.1 support for Kubernetes/Orchestrators is as below:

AKO Release Versions Supported
Kubernetes Support v1.18, v1.17, v1.16
Rancher Support 2.3.x, 2.4.x​

Support for Avi Ecosystems and Kubernetes CNI

AKO supports the following CNI:

  • Calico
  • Antrea
  • OpenShift SDN
  • Flannel

Avi Controller Version Support for AKO

Avi Controller Version AKO Release(s)
18.2.6 - 18.2.10 0.9, 1.1


  • One Arm and two Arm SE deployments are supported.
  • Hostname and Namespace hash methods are supported for sharding.
  • TLS edge termination supported using Kubernetes Secrets.

AKO version 1.1.1 does not support the following:

  • OpenShift 3.x /OpenShift 4.x
  • Avi Annotations
  • Non-default SE Groups
  • Egress pod
  • Custom resources definitions (CRD)
  • Multiple tenants
  • AKO does not support ingresses which do not have either hostname or a path defined.
  • Ingresses in Kubernetes will be deployed only as Sharded L7 VSs in Avi. Dedicated VSs will not be supported for Ingresses.
  • Services of type:LoadBalancer will only be deployed as dedicated L4 VSs in Avi.
  • Changing of Sharding

Document Revision History

Date Change Summary
July 22, 2020 Published the Compatibility Guide for AKO version 1.1.1