Avi Pulse Overview


This guide provides an in-depth overview into Avi Pulse. Avi Pulse is a cloud services platform that is built to deliver value add services to distributed Avi Controller cluster deployments in a SaaS like model. It provides services to simplify customer’s operations and enable friction-less support and services

Avi Pulse is a cloud service portal for the Controllers to consume different services from Avi Vantage/VMware.

Avi Pulse has been built with the goal to evolve Avi Vantage from being an on-premises product to deliver SaaS like experience. It is built to simplify management of globally distributed Avi deployments and deliver value added services.

Avi Pulse provides advanced support, security services to the Avi deployments. These are optional services that customers can enable on their accounts and the Controllers. Avi Pulse will deliver enhanced customer experience, provide live security threat intelligence feed and integrate with customer operations.

The following are the benefits of using Avi Pulse:

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Live security threat Intelligence feed

  • Integrate with customer operations

The following is the landscape of Avi Pulse cloud services:


Avi Pulse Features

The following are the features of Avi Pulse:

  • Supports creating cases and attaching tech support to cases from the Controller, from the UI or using REST API calls
  • Provides automated tech-support attachment to the customer cases
  • Supports WAF (CRS) signatures auto deployment
  • Supports IP reputation DB updates
  • Allows all customer accounts to register the Controller