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Defending Your Workloads with a Distributed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Register for this webinar to learn about the unique capabilities of Avi Networks’ iWAF including:

Highest-performance web application security

  • Elastic, automatic scale-out across data centers and clouds 
  • Scalable per-application deployments allow each mission-critical app to get its own WAF

Analytics-driven, accurate security policies 

  • Real-time security insights eliminate false positives 
  • Visual policy checks prior to enforcement

Central, simplified policy management 

  • Central management and automation of all distributed iWAF instances 
  • Point-and-click policy configurations, with pre-defined templates for OWASP Core Rule Set

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On-Demand Webinars

Unlock the Value of Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments with a Smart Load Balancer

Avi Networks helps hybrid cloud deployments with cloudbursting via multicloud support and application AutoScale.
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Rethink Load Balancing: 7 Considerations Before Your Next Refresh

Learn how Avi Networks delivers flexible application services beyond load balancing.
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Zero-code Automation with Ansible and Avi Networks

Achieve complete automation of application services in the cloud or data center with an easy cookbook approach with the integration of Ansible and Avi Networks.
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Tutorial 1: Deploying Production Ready Container Apps

In this episode, Ranga will cover the concept of a Service Mesh for an OpenShift - Kubernetes cluster, how to deploy, real-life examples, and more.
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Tutorial 2: Deploying Production Ready Container Apps

In the second episode, Ranga covers the concepts of app insights and micro-segmentation and illustrates these concepts with real-life deployments.
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Tutorial 3: Deploying Production Ready Container Apps

In this closing episode, Ranga discusses gearing up for the day 2 operations such as availability, upgrades, migrations, etc.
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Architecting for Operational Sustainability with Kubernetes

Meetup: A Container Networking Meetup with Craig McLuckie (Heptio).
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Elastic and Adaptive Load Balancing on the Cisco CSP 2100 NFV Platform

Cisco and Avi Networks partner to solve the most common automation challenge in the application delivery cycle.
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Virtual Load Balancer Challenges And How to Conquer Them

Virtual load balancers can run in the cloud but are not designed for the cloud. Learn how to overcome the challenges of using virtual load balancers.
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Using Container Networking for Microservices Applications

Join Avi Networks and Red Hat for this informative session on important OpenShift and container networking concepts.
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OpenStack Deployments and LBaaS

Nate Baechtold will share his experience and information that he wishes he had before he started his OpenStack journey.
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How to Increase Application Capacity, Reliability & Scale with Load Balancers

Debunk the performance myth commonly perpetuated by vendors of hardware load balancers.
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Migrate from F5 to Avi Networks

Learn how to convert your current configurations and iRules to a simple API-driven software platform
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7 Considerations Before You Refresh Your F5 or Citrix NetScaler Load Balancers

Learn how a software-defined load balancing architecture can play an expanded role in delivering and scaling your applications across clouds.
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Delivering Applications in Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments

Learn how next-gen load balancing architectures can play an expanded role in delivering and scaling your applications across clouds.
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Using Your Load Balancer for Application Performance Monitoring

Learn how you can get rich analytics and actionable insights into end-user experience, application performance, resource utilization, security, and anomalous behavior.
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Proven Strategies for Turnkey Container Applications

This webinar jointly presented by Avi Networks and Mesosphere, will uncover the strategies for delivering application services.
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Software Load Balancing for Any Cloud

Application network services with public cloud-like flexibility including load balancing, autoscaling, service discovery, and micro-segmentation.
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Reduce Your TCO with a Full Featured Software Load Balancer

Learn new best practices for autoscaling load balancers and applications.
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Cisco ACI and Avi Networks Deliver Automated L2 L7 Services

Join Avi Networks to learn how native integration with Cisco APIC/ACI simplifies deployment, enables autoscaling, and more.
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Supercharge Your Application Services with Software Defined Load Balancers

We'll answer questions on how better APIs are benefiting application developers and lines of business.
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Deliver Production Ready Applications with Avi Networks AND Rancher Labs

The integration of L4-L7 application services solution from Avi Networks with a container orchestration solution from Rancher Labs.
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7 Tough Questions for your Load Balancing Vendor Part 1

Part 1: Self-Service, High Availability, Elastic Scale, Programability
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7 Tough Questions for your Load Balancing Vendor Part 2

Part 2: Multi-tenancy, Application Analytics, Security.
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