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Avi Networks - Elastic, software load balancing

Calculate your TCO savings with Avi Networks vs. legacy load balancers!

Load Balancer TCO Calculator

The most elastic software load balancer in the world! No more overprovisioning.

Ludicrous Scale! 0 to 1 Million TPS

Incident resolution in seconds with "Network DVR" analytics

APM-like Analytics From Your Load Balancer

What is Avi Networks?

Avi Networks delivers an Elastic Application Services Fabric that provides per-app load balancing, predictive autoscaling, application insights, security, and automation in any data center or cloud.

What do you get with Avi Networks?

Software-defined Load Balancing

  • Runs on x86 servers, VMs, or containers; no proprietary hardware
  • No over-provisioning; consumption-based use of servers
  • Subscription pricing; zero CapEx, with significantly lower OpEx

Faster Provisioning

  • 30 seconds to provision new virtual services and zero-touch scaling
  • Integrations for public cloud, private cloud, SDN, and container solutions
    • AWS, GCP, and Azure
    • OpenStack and VMware
    • VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, Nuage VSP, and Juniper Contrail
    • Docker, Mesos, OpenShift/Kubernetes, and Rancher
  • Automation with 100% REST APIs and self-service for developers

Rapid Incident Resolution

  • Troubleshoot in seconds with application, security, and end-user insights
  • Central management with an app-centric view of all virtual services
  • App map with real-time visualization of microservices applications

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The following blog, written by Gunnar Anderson announcing the resell agreement between Cisco and Avi Networks appeared on the Cisco Blog on June 26, 2017 Avi Networks & Cisco join forces by entering into a strategic reseller agreement We have been working very closely with Avi Networks for more than a year now to help […]

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Is your F5 BIG-IP LTM Better than a Software Load Balancer?
June 23, 2017

Last week, my colleague Chris wrote about his "buyer's remorse" (not!).  If you are an F5 BIP-IP LTM (or a Citrix NetScaler SDX or MPX) customer, I would like to get you thinking about software load balancers.

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