Modern Load Balancing
With Software-Defined Application Services

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer delivers multi-cloud application services with application delivery, security, and pervasive analytics across data centers and clouds. NSX ALB makes it easy to apply load balancing, web application firewall and container ingress to any application.

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Is your world changing rapidly today?

Applications are driving digital business.
IT needs to:

  • Meet aggressive time-to-market deadlines while supporting increasing number of applications.
  • Deploy and maintain applications across multi-cloud environments while keeping cost low.
  • Support changing application architectures, from monolithic applications to distributed microservices.

How are you coping with the challenges?

Today’s application needs outpace the infrastructure that delivers them.
You are forced to:

  • Overprovision capacity and refresh hardware appliances continuously.
  • Fragment application environments with disparate hardware, virtual and cloud load balancing solutions.
  • Settle for manual tasks to provision and scale services.

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Existing solutions don't cut it


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Traditional ADCs are not built for the cloud or microservices.

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Fleets of load balancer pairs are complex to manage and maintain.

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Hardware appliances don’t scale, and are extremely hard to automate.


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Enterprises don’t want to settle for a reduced feature set.

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All of your eggs are in one basket, but most enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy.

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Separate solutions for traditional and cloud-native applications create new silos.

What if you could redesign application services?

  • Software-defined architecture

    Separation of control and data planes

  • Multi-cloud consistency

    Simplified operations with centralized policies

  • Pervasive analytics

    Unprecedented insights into applications

  • Full lifecycle automation

    Application delivery automation

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