Modern Load Balancing
With software-defined application services

Avi Networks delivers multi-cloud application services with intelligent automation and elasticity across any cloud. The Avi Vantage Platform provides a Software Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) and Elastic Service Mesh to ensure fast, scalable, and secure application delivery.

What does your world look like today?

Applications are driving business decisions

  • Apps are the business
  • Apps are everywhere
  • Modern app architectures are rapidly evolving

How are you coping with the challenges today?

Application delivery is lagging

  • 80% of team efforts are tied to maintenance instead of innovation
  • Manual inputs and error-prone steps to provision a virtual service
  • Configurations are static per appliance and location, inflexible to changes

What if you could redesign application services?

Multi-cloud application services

  • Focus on outcomes and specify your intent
  • Infrastructure does the heavy lifting using automation and analytics
  • Declarative policy of the future replaces the imperative model of the past

Multi-Cloud Application Services

Services delivered through legacy hardware or virtual application delivery controllers are inadequate for applications that run in multi-cloud environments. Businesses whose revenues rely on high availability of applications or face rapid changes in demand must deliver a predictable experience with increasingly complex application architectures. IT and Operations teams need a generational change – moving away from the legacy of manually configured inputs to highly automated multi-cloud and software-defined application services which focus on outcomes.

Multi-cloud application services use a declarative model that allows teams to focus on desired business outcomes by specifying intent. This eliminates repetitive and error-prone manual inputs, which represent the imperative model of the past. Avi does the heavy lifting with built-in analytics and full automation.

For example, a network administrator defines the outcome that the software-defined application services platform needs to handle in terms of SLAs. The software application services automatically provision the required number of load balancers scaling them up or down as necessary to handle volume efficiently. Avi’s application services are designed for the multi-cloud environments and containerized software architectures being deployed by modern organizations.

Avi Vantage Platform Overview

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