Avi Load Balancer Cloud Services
Flexible Cloud and On-Prem Load Balancing Deployments with Operational Control

Legacy hardware load balancers require tedious manual provisioning and management. They lack visibility to troubleshoot and resolve issues before user experience is impacted. Today’s distributed application delivery solutions and cloud load balancers need to minimize application downtime and the complexity of maintaining multi-cloud environments. Customers need more flexibility in deployment models for their on-prem and cloud applications while maintaining control over infrastructure costs and day-to-day operations.

Cloud image with header ALB Cloud Services. With diagram inside showing Flexible Deployment made up of Simplified Controller taking up half of the space and On-prem, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud taking up the remaining space.

As a Service Consumption with Key Operational Benefits

Faster Time-to-Value

Deploys full-featured load balancing, WAF, and container ingress services in minutes in any customer environment with automation and self-service

Operational Simplicity

Reduces complexity in capacity management, application monitoring, handling backups, disaster recovery and troubleshooting

Deployment Flexibility

Reduces complexity in capacity management, application monitoring, handling backups, disaster recovery and troubleshooting

Avi Cloud Services provides a consistent set of application services including local and global load balancing, web application firewall (WAF) and container ingress. The Cloud Services includes the Cloud Console, which delivers an always-on, as-a-service consumption model for operational capabilities such as central licensing, security feeds, and proactive support. Customers have a choice of managing their own Controllers and deploying Service Engines closest to the applications or using hosted Controller services from VMware.

Avi Controller Diagram with Avi Pulse, Customer Managed and VMware hosted on top. And Avi Controller made up of On-prem/SDDC, VMC on AWS, Public Cloud and VMware Cloud or Hypserscalers below.


Centralized licensing services

  • Dynamic capacity management with on-demand autoscaling
  • Eliminates duplicate licenses for disaster recovery (DR) sites
  • Enables cloud bursting and allows licenses to move with applications

Live security threat update

  • Feeds curated signatures and security updates to WAF
  • Protects applications from web attacks
  • Includes IP reputation, geo DB, WAF and bot signatures

Proactive zero-touch support

  • Automated case creation and ticket management
  • Proactive help desk to detect anomalies and resolve issues
  • Monitoring load balancing with auto-collected logs and alerts

Unified Dashboard across Hybrid Multi-cloud

  • Visibility, monitoring, ease of operations