Global Mobile Gaming Leader Gains 3x Faster Application Deployments

Elastic Scale and Automation Enables Rapid Application Development and Delivery

Fortune 100 Technology Company Enables Application-Delivery-as-a-Service

“Simplification via Intelligent Automation” for Application Services

Fortune 100 Technology Company Delivers Analytics-as-a-Service

Deployed on Openstack, Avi Empowers Mobility Customers with Cloud-based Analytics

Top 5 Tech Company Enables Self-Service For Application Owners

Delivers Self-service for Developers and Lowers Tco by More Than 50%

Multinational Security Provider Scales-out their Solutions

Data Center Innovation Driven by Avi Networks and Cisco ACI

EBSCO Transforms Application Delivery on OpenStack

Application Services Beyond Load Balancing Enable Fully Automated Private Cloud


Global Banking Corporation Delivers Fully Automated Application Services

Avi Aligns With Paas Objectives With Application-Delivery-as-a-Service Goals

Avi Networks and Cisco ACI/APIC Deliver Automation

$4B Financial Management Firm Automates Application Services on Cisco ACI


Largest Retailer Enables Predictive Autoscaling To Meet Holiday Traffic

Reduces OPEX by >30% by Eliminating Capacity Overprovisioning


Top 3 Telecom and Media Company Solves Multicloud Application Delivery

Simplifies Multicloud Application Delivery With a Single ADC Solution

Media Services Giant Deploys Avi on OpenStack

100% Rest API, Self-service and Elastic ADC Accelerates App Development


Local Government Agency Delivers Online Student Safety Application

Avi Secures, Simplifies and Streamlines Infrastructure for Application Delivery

Auto Services Co. Maximizes OpenStack Benefits with Software-defined ADCs

Self-service and Automation Accelerates OpenStack Deployment