Case Study Wysetek Delivers High Performance VDI with Avi and Horizon to its Customer in Record Time

Wysetek is a company based in India that has been a provider of integrated technology solutions for 31 years and a premier certified MSP partner of VMware. Their main focus is to deliver modern cloud-friendly solutions and innovative digital experiences to its clients. In order to stay ahead in the digital world, Wysetek continues to enhance its offerings to customers and develops technological capabilities to meet the needs of the industry.

One of Wysetek’s customers faced a problem during the pandemic when remote work became a necessity, so they wanted a technology solution that would enable over a thousand employees with work-from-home capabilities in short order. Realizing working with a hardware load balancer was a rigid process with very little elasticity, Wysetek’s customer turned to VMware’s Advanced Load Balancer (Avi) and combined it with a high performance Horizon VDI for great end-user experience.

In this Avi case study, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why did Wysetek choose Avi as their Load Balancer with a high performance VDI for their customer?
  • The benefits of working with the Avi platform for analytics and performance insights
  • How Wysetek provides a complete work-from-anywhere solution from deployment to managed services
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Region: APAC

Industry: IT

Use Case: VDI

Environment: VMware Horizon

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