The Avi Vantage Platform Overview
A new approach to application delivery

Avi Vantage allows you to deliver multi-cloud application services such as load balancing, application security, autoscaling, container networking, and web application firewall. Avi does the heavy lifting by intelligently automating application delivery, ensuring applications are available, secure, and responsive to demand.


Avi Vantage delivers multi-cloud application services including an enterprise-grade Software Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall, and Elastic Service Mesh for container-based microservices applications. Avi does the heavy lifting by intelligently automating application delivery, ensuring applications are available, secure, and responsive to demand.

How Does It Work?

Avi Vantage uses a software-defined scale-out architecture that separates the central control plane (Avi Controller) from the distributed data plane (Avi Service Engine). It offers extensible application delivery services including load balancing, security and service mesh on ONE platform across any environment.

Avi Vantage is based on 100% REST APIs, fully automatable, and seamlessly integrates with the CI/CD pipeline for application delivery. With on-demand autoscaling, Avi Vantage can elastically scale based on application loads. Built-in analytics provide application delivery benefits such as actionable insights based on performance monitoring, logs, and security events in a single dashboard (Avi App Insights) with end-to-end visibility.

Application Delivery Benefits

Multi-Cloud Application Services

Consistent, enterprise-grade application services such as load balancing across heterogeneous environments

  • Bare metal (x86 – Intel)
  • Virtual machines (VMware, OpenStack)
  • Containers (Docker)
  • Public clouds (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform)

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Lower TCO by 50%

Software-defined approach makes traditional hardware appliances a thing of the past

  • 100% software – no proprietary hardware
  • On-demand autoscaling – no over-provisioning
  • Intelligent application services – no black box

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90% Faster Application Provisioning

Automation with 100% REST APIs and self-service like public cloud

  • End-to-end visibility eliminates guesswork and reduces troubleshooting to minutes
  • Automation integrates with CI/CD pipeline and speed ups application rollout
  • Analytics deliver application insights and drive intelligent decisions

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Point-and-Click Security & Compliance

A comprehensive stack for high-performance per app or per tenant security, helping meet compliance requirements like GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

  • Simplicity – configurable security rules (OWASP CRS) that are point-and-click
  • Visibility – detection of attacks (DDoS), deep security insights with real-time monitoring, and minimization of false positives with advanced analytics
  • Elasticity – on-demand autoscaling to ensure robust performance regardless of traffic, while remaining secure

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Scalable Containerized Applications

A modern, distributed, elastic service mesh for container-based microservices applications

  • Dynamic service discovery, traffic management, and microsegmentation, optimized for both North-South and East-West traffic
  • Automatic application map visualizing the interactions between services to identify erroneous interactions, security violations, and network latencies
  • Integration with Kubernetes and OpenShift to automate deployment and management of container clusters

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Avi Vantage Platform Architecture

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