Next-Gen Application Delivery for Microsoft Azure

Avi Vantage Gives You Capabilities Beyond the Azure Load Balancer and Application Gateway

Enterprise interest in public cloud services like Microsoft Azure Public Cloud continues to grow with customers reporting that cloud spending increased 16% year-over-year in 2017. Enterprises are increasingly running their applications in their data centers and in multi-cloud environments and need to address numerous challenges around application networking services and performance across these environments.

Virtual load balancers inherit the architectural debt of the physical appliances and do not support cloud-native applications with agility and elasticity requirements. The Azure load balancer and Application Gateway for Microsoft Azure include only basic L4 and L7 application networking capabilities. The Application Gateway is appliance-based, limiting its elasticity. Enterprises with hybrid and multi-cloud environments do not have portable application networking options.

Azure Load Balancer Schematic Diagram

Avi Vantage Load Balancing Solution for Microsoft Azure

The Avi Vantage Platform is an elastic, cloud-native load balancing and web application security solution for Microsoft Azure with built-in application analytics. Avi Vantage delivers a software-defined, Smart Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF), and an Elastic Service Mesh for container-based applications.

The platform’s architecture separates the data and control planes to deliver application services deployed across any cloud environment with central management. These application services include dynamic load balancing, application security, real-time insights into application performance, security, predictive auto scaling, and end-to-end automation for L4 – L7 services that go far beyond the capabilities in Azure load balancing services.

Application Delivery Benefits with Avi Vantage for Microsoft Azure Cloud Service

Full-Featured Load Balancing

Azure Application Gateway and Azure Load Balancer (ALB) provide basic load balancing capabilities but lack enterprise-class features and advanced policy support. Avi Vantage includes multiple load balancing algorithms, advanced HTTP content switching capabilities, comprehensive persistence, customizable health monitoring, DNS services, and GSLB across multiple clouds. Avi delivers an as-a-service experience with native Azure API integration.

Automation & Integration

Avi Vantage is a 100% REST API-based solution, that offers Python SDK, Ansible playbooks, and templates for automating configuration and operations. Avi Vantage natively integrates with Microsoft Azure APIs for spinning up VMs, allocating IPs, integrating Azure DNS, and auto-scaling within Azure. Avi Vantage simplifies continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) operations by supporting blue-green deployments and canary upgrades.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Load Balancing

Avi Vantage enables dynamic workload mobility across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments based on business metrics such as cost, performance, security, and compliance requirements, thus reducing risk and improving flexibility.

Advanced Security

Azure Application Gateway and Azure Load Balancer lack advanced security policies, SSL insights, and DDoS capabilities. Avi Vantage provides WAF, network ACLs, advanced HTTP security policies, SSL insights, DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities, along with micro-segmentation in container environments.

Central Management and Control

Avi provides a single interface to manage the entire deployment. The Avi Controller cluster manages services for applications across multiple Virtual Networks (VNets). Auto virtual IP address allocation and auto DNS registration allow full automation for application load balancing beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Load Balancer.

Reduced TCO

With Microsoft Azure Load Balancing (Application Gateway or Azure LB), security (WAF), and visibility (third-party logging tools) cost of ownership adds up to a significantly higher investment. Avi Vantage reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) while providing rich functionality and a superior experience.

Elastic Load Balancing, Application Security and Application Analytics with Avi Vantage for Microsoft Azure

Learn more about the advantages of using the Avi Vantage Platform with Microsoft Azure and take your application networking service capabilities beyond that of the Azure Software Load Balancer.

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