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Application Delivery for Modern Enterprises

Software Load Balancer | Intelligent WAF | Elastic Service Mesh

The Avi Vantage Platform is purpose-built for the cloud and mobile era using a unique analytics-driven, 100% software approach. Avi Vantage is the first platform to leverage the power of software-defined principles to achieve unprecedented agility, insights, and efficiency in application delivery.

The Avi Vantage Platform:
  • 100% software approach
  • Multi-cloud flexibility
  • Predictive auto-scaling & automation
  • Actionable application analytics
  • Superior, customizable security
  • Elastic App Services for Any Environment

Global Banking Corporation Delivers Fully Automated Application Delivery
Avi Vantage Aligns Paas Objectives With Application Delivery as a Service Goals


Inability to automate and deliver an agile, programmable web platform. Existing appliance-based load balancers did not meet self-service goals and lacked APIs for platform orchestration.


Avi Vantage delivered centrally managed, distributed load balancers with application monitoring and predictive auto-scaling to achieve programmability with an API-first development approach.


This resulted in the elimination of over-provisioning of dated proprietary hardware, enabled self-service for application owners and operations teams. Utilizing Avi Networks’ application delivery platform achieved a stronger, more scalable and cost effective operation.

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Software Load Balancers
Go beyond load balancing with Avi Vantage

Software Load Balancer Solution

Avi Vantage meets the needs of software defined data centers and public clouds using a distributed architecture.

Unlike legacy load balancers, Avi Vantage provides:

  • Application delivery as a centrally managed pool of resources
  • Multi-cloud support – Virtualized, SDN, OpenStack, or public cloud
  • Uniform application management services across environments

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Automation for IT, Self-service for Developers

Match the continuous application delivery goals and DevOps principles of modern enterprises by automating routine tasks such as virtual IP (VIP) provisioning and configuration changes.

Avi Vantage enables:

  • Application service automation through 100% REST API
  • Visibility with app maps to monitor and troubleshoot apps
  • Policy-driven self-service for modern web application developers

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Web Application Analytics & Performance Insights

Take advantage of the load balancers’ privileged location (in the path of application traffic) in the data center by gathering useful insights from real-time telemetry collected from distributed service delivery components.

Avi Vantage delivers:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard with actionable performance, security, and client insights
  • Ability to record and replay traffic events for a better application troubleshooting process
  • Visibility with app maps and at-a-glance status with health scores

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Predictive Auto-scaling of Load balancers and Applications

The software-defined architecture of Avi Vantage provides proactive auto-scaling of load balancers, as well as application components (through integrations with container orchestration platforms).

Avi Vantage:

  • Eliminates overprovisioning of load balancers
  • Monitors traffic and scales out or in based on traffic thresholds
  • Helps maintain application SLAs and accelerates time-to-market

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Seven Key Considerations Before Your Upcoming
F5 or Citrix Load Balancer Refresh

Before you commit to a multi-year license and maintenance contract with your appliance-based load balancing vendor, review these key considerations and what they will mean for the future of application delivery in your enterprise:

  • Automation and Self-Service
  • Elasticity
  • Application Analytics and Troubleshooting
  • Performance
  • Hybrid Cloud Application delivery
  • Ecosystem Integrations
  • Total Cost of Ownership

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Intelligent Web Application Firewall
Fortify web applications from modern threats with Avi Vantage

Improved Security

Equip administrators and security analysts with the tools to enforce the right security posture and protect public-facing and internal web applications and APIs. Minimize false alerts while maximizing detection and catch rate for modern vulnerabilities.

iWAF gives you:

  • Distributed web security fabric enforces security through closed-loop intelligence
  • Point-and-click policy configurations, customizable for each application
  • GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliant

Visual Security Analytics

Leverage granular app insights from the distributed service proxy fabric to secure web applications in real-time. Avi iWAF displays actionable security details, allows visual policy checks prior to enforcement, eliminates false positives and allows automation of policy configurations. iWAF gives you:

  • Granular security insights on traffic flows and rule matches for precise policies
  • Visible security details including information about SSL versions and ciphers used in transactions, real-time DDoS attack data, and system health scores
  • Protection from SQL injections, cross site scripting and other threats as identified by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Elastic Service Mesh
Enable scalable, production-ready container applications with Avi Vantage

Flexible Microservices Architecture

Deploy a pervasive layer of services across all web application environments that containerized applications and microservices can tap into and scale as needed. This avoids costly logistical and operational challenges inherent in providing application delivery in monolithic architectures.

  • Creates a lightweight disaggregated data layer of proxies located alongside the container cluster
  • Tells the Avi Service Engines to implement access control and collects performance metrics
  • Integrates with platforms like Kubernetes and Mesos to automate the deployment and management of containerized applications

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