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Avi Vantage Gives You Capabilities Beyond Google Load Balancer

Enterprises need premium elastic load balancing and a consistent architecture and administration experience for workloads that run beyond on-prem or private clouds to public clouds like Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google load balancing architecture on the GCP can help provide basic load balancing in the Google cloud but lacks critical features such as; seamless autoscaling, hybrid cloud support and pinpoint analytics to take application delivery into the modern era.

Avi Vantage Enables Premium Elastic Load Balancing Beyond Google Cloud Load Balancers

The Avi Vantage Platform is a software load balancing and application delivery solution that is perfectly suited to take cloud load balancing services for workloads running in GCP to the next level.

Beyond GCP Load Balancer the Avi Vantage architecture delivers premium application services such as real-time analytics, application security, and end-user experience monitoring. Avi Vantage is an analytics-driven, elastic, and scalable solution providing a consistent architecture and administrative experience for workloads that run in the Google Cloud Platform and in data centers. It also offers ludicrous elasticity with seamless autoscaling and end-to-end automation for L4–L7 services.

Full-Featured Load Balancing

Avi’s software load balancing solution is built on a software-defined architecture. Avi Vantage includes multiple load balancing algorithms, advanced HTTP content-switching capabilities, customizable health monitoring, DNS services, and GSLB across multiple clouds.

Automation and “Ludicrous Scale”

Provides an elastic application services fabric that can seamlessly scale up or scale down from 0 to 1 million transactions per second (TPS) with no impact on performance. Achieve per-application load balancing with on-demand scaling.

Visibility and Monitoring

Avi Vantage delivers real-time insights into application health, end-user experience, log analytics with network DVR, and security posture. The Avi Console displays these insights in a clean dashboard making it easier to troubleshoot applications compared to using the Google Cloud Load Balancer.

Avi Vantage Platform and Google Cloud Platform Scalability Test

Learn how Avi Networks provides an elastic application services fabric that can scale up or scale down with no impact on performance, at a fraction of the cost of traditional, appliance-based load balancers.

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