Application Delivery Definition

Application delivery is a mechanism to deliver applications quickly and efficiently to users. Traditionally hardware application delivery controllers (ADCs) were used to deliver applications. Modern cloud-native applications (such as microservices) require a fundamentally different approach to application delivery.

See how you can create a single, highly scalable application delivery platform without adding complexity.

What is Avi Networks’ innovation in application delivery?

Applications have become the life-blood of businesses directly impacting the revenue flow. Enterprises are becoming app-centric with lines of business adopting continuous integration and delivery (CICD) practices with agile DevOps teams to achieve quick application delivery. Mobile technology has also dramatically increased the number of applications and their access points. Software-defined application services from Avi Networks provides a flexible solution that goes beyond load balancing to deliver pinpoint analytics, predictive autoscaling, application security, and multi-cloud traffic management. With Avi, each application can get its own load balancer.