Autoscaling Definition

Autoscaling is the ability to automatically scale the resources horizontally or vertically to meet the network traffic requirements.


How does Avi Networks help with autoscaling load balancers and application instances?

Avi Networks features zero touch scalability where we can autoscale load balancers based on end-user experience.  The Avi Controller (central control plane) collects real-time telemetry from the distributed load balancers called the Avi Service Engines (distributed data plane).  The Avi Controller can scale the load balancers and application instances based on the traffic patterns and application usage.

Unlike legacy, appliance-based application delivery controllers (ADCs) that may become the bottlenecks in application delivery path, Avi Vantage enables dynamic scaling of resources to match traffic patterns. Administrators can enforce autoscale thresholds for horizontal or vertical scaling of resources (load balancing and application resources) in real time.

For more information on how to autoscale your load balancers watch this two minute video: Software Defined Application Services – Autoscale