Load Balancer

A load balancer is a hardware or software solution that helps servers move packets efficiently, optimizes the use of network resources, and prevents network overloads. When purchasing a load balancer it is important to consider if it will work across multiple environments (on-premises and cloud) and diverse infrastructures (bare metal servers, VMs, and containers).

Load balancers occupy an important position (in the path of application traffic) on the enterprise network. Yet, traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) are unable to provide meaningful application insights to drive business decisions.

Avi Networks brings a next generation load balancer where its software-defined architecture for load balancing separates the control plane (management layer) from the data plane (load balancers) to generate applications insights for performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

For more information see: Software Load Balancer for Any Cloud or Load Balancing as a Service for OpenStack.