Universal Service Mesh
Istio Integrated Traffic Management
For Traditional and Containerized Applications

Avi Vantage delivers multi-cloud application services such as load balancing for traditional and containerized applications with microservices architecture through dynamic service discovery, application maps, and security. Universal Service Mesh is optimized for North-South (ingress) and East-West traffic management, including local and global server load balancing (GSLB), web application firewall (WAF) and performance monitoring, across multi-cluster, multi-region, and multi-cloud environments. Avi integrates with Istio service mesh, OpenShift and Kubernetes for container orchestration and security.

  • Multi-Infra: Traditional and cloud-native apps in VMs/bare metal/containers
  • Multi-Cluster: Inter/intra container cluster management and secure gateways
  • Multi-Cloud: Across on-premises data centers and multi-region public clouds
Traffic Routing
  • Ingress gateway with integrated IPAM/DNS, blacklist/whitelist and rate limiting
  • L4-7 load balancing with SSL/TLS offload
  • Automated service discovery and application map
  • Zero trust security model and encryption
  • Distributed WAF for application security
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for enterprise-grade authentication and authorization
  • Real-time application and container performance monitoring with tracing
  • Big data driven connection log analytics
  • Machine learning-based insights and app health analytics

Global & Local Traffic Management

With an array of network proxies on each node in the container cluster each proxy serves as a gateway between containers and servers. The interactions are visualized in an application map. Enterprise-class application services for containerized applications, orchestrated by platforms like OpenShift and Kubernetes, include:

  • Load balancing, monitoring, TLS/SSL offload, certificate management, session persistence, content/URL switching
  • Redirecting requests to the appropriate site/region based on the availability, locality of the user to the site and load
  • Content/URL switching, redirection, error page, caching, compression and on-demand autoscaling

Container Monitoring and Analytics

Analytics is the foundation for intent-based systems to collect, aggregate, accumulate, store, and rollup metrics and logs, especially for containerized applications based on microservices architecture. Avi provides the following features:

  • Application Map: Real-time dynamic map of communications between microservices available as a dependency map. Operators can extract critical metrics such as latency, bandwidth, request rate across microservices deployment.
  • Analytics Dashboard: An end-to-end latency view of all transactions in addition to real-time and historic views of critical metrics such as requests/transaction/connection rate/throughput.
  • Log File Analytics: Logs of every significant transaction including errors and excessive latencies with built-in analytics by pool member, response time, device type and more.
  • Client Analytics: Aggregated page load times, dimensional analytics such as device type, country, and detailed resource timing information for every page in the application via JavaScript.
  • Security Analytics: A breakdown of TLS/SSL versions, transaction rate, health score based on SSL security profiles and certificates, DDoS analytics including type of attacks, and detection on bots attacks.

Dynamic Service Discovery

Service discovery bridges the gap between a service’s name and access information (IP address) by providing a dynamic mapping. Avi Vantage provides an authoritative DNS server for users’ devices and other services to map host/domain names to virtual IP addresses (VIPs) to automate service discovery, including:

  • Built-in IPAM for virtual IP address allocation
  • A variety of DNS configuration options and the ability to add static A and CNAME records to the DNS server
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) and application upgrades using a Blue-Green or canary deployment

How Enterprises Deploy Universal Service Mesh Today

Application Services for
OpenShift-Kubernetes Container Clusters

Services such as traffic management, service discovery, container monitoring, analytics and security remain a critical component for enterprises to deploy containers in production.

Avi provides a proven service mesh to deploy container-based applications workloads in production environments using OpenShift-Kubernetes clusters.

Application Services for

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