Announcing VMware NSX+ Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Controller
A fully managed native load balancing solution for VMware Cloud on AWS

You Focus on Applications, We Manage the Infrastructure

NSX+ Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Controller brings to you the same trusted Software Defined Advanced Load Balancer now as a service. This solution simplifies Day 0 operations in addition to Day 1 and Day 2 and transforms the load balancing solution from an infrastructure platform to an application aware platform. It offers application awareness and policy consistency across the hybrid cloud environment from on-prem to VMware Cloud on AWS. Since applications are mapped to underlying infrastructure including networks, servers as well as flows, Cloud admins can obtain complete application visibility including but not limited to app health, latency, traffic patterns and more.


NSX+ Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Controller diagram



Simplify Day 0 through Day 2 Operations

This solution helps cloud admins free up more time from the mundane yet complicated tasks of managing load balancing infrastructure and instead focus more on ensuring application performance and availability. Here are a few ways in which they can improve their efficiency:

  • Simplify Day 0 Operations: Save time and complexity with Cloud Controller Services that offer managed controller installation and configurations.
  • Efficient Day 1 Operations: Centralized dashboard provides complete application visibility and improves security through in depth visual logs and analytics.
  • Assured Day 2 Operations: Ensures smooth upgrades, facilitates autoscaling and address advanced use cases such as Disaster Recovery.

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Controller

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VMWare NSX+ Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Services Benefits

API driven SDN approach ensures consistent load balancing experience for both traditional and modern applications across hybrid cloud.

Holistic & contextual application visibility (L2-L7) helps troubleshoot application failures faster ​and minimize application downtime.

Simplicity of single vendor for purchase & support​ reduces operational complexity

Role-based access and self-service automation ensure independence from IT ticketing process and empower application developers to deploy applications in minutes not days.