SDN Load Balancing

Load Balancing for Software Defined Networking with Avi Networks

Elastic Load Balancing for SDN Environments

Built on software-defined architectural principles, the Avi Vantage Platform extends L2-L3 network automation benefits from SDN solutions to L4-L7 services.  Avi Vantage offers native integration with industry-leading SDN and network virtualization controllers such as Cisco APIC, VMware NSX, Nuage VSP, and Juniper Contrail to simplify service insertion, autoscaling, management, and application analytics. Avi’s elastic application services fabric delivers application services that go beyond enterprise-grade load balancing to include actionable app insights, self-service to application owners with REST APIs, granular security and policy controls, autoscaling of load balancing and application resources, and central management in a multi-cloud environment.


  • Cisco APIC integration eliminates custom device packages
  • VMware NSX integration to scale backend resources dynamically without reconfiguring load balancing
  • End-to-end application analytics with searchable TCP/HTTP logs
  • Per-app or per-pod load balancing with multitenancy
  • Central control of distributed load balancers across multiple clouds


  • Simplifies deployment with one-click service insertion
  • Accelerates app deployment with self-service for developers to provision load balancers
  • Reduces troubleshooting time from weeks/months to minutes
  • Enables tenant isolation and security for application owners
  • Predictively autoscales load balancers and apps based on real-time traffic