Compatibility Guide for Avi Multi Cluster Kubernetes Operator


The Avi Vantage Platform integration with Kubernetes/OpenShift provides an operator called Avi Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Operator (AMKO) to facilitate multi-cluster application deployments.

Support for Kubernetes/OpenShift

The AMKO version 1.2.1 support for Kubernetes/OpenShift is as below:

AMKO Release Versions Supported
Kubernetes Support Version 1.16 and higher
OpenShift Support Version 4.4 and higher

Avi Controller Version Support for AMKO

AMKO Release Avi Controller Versions Supported
1.2 20.1.1 (minimum requirement)

Features Not Supported in AMKO Release 1.2.1

AMKO version 1.2.1 does not support the following:

  • Different traffic split ratio per application/global service

  • Site persistence

  • Non-default global service configurations

  • Multi-AZ / Multi-level GSLB

Document Revision History

Date Change Summary
October 1, 2020 Published the Compatibility Guide for AMKO version 1.2.1