Virtual Load Balancer for Cisco CSP 2100

A Virtual Load Balancer for Cisco CSP 2100 NFV

Avi Networks and Cisco have partnered to deliver fully automated load balancing services on a turnkey NFV platform.

The solution replaces monolithic load balancing appliances with a distributed application services fabric that lowers capital expenditure and operating costs. Unlike traditional approaches, the NFV solution elastically scales while providing much-needed flexibility, application analytics, and intelligence.

Cisco’s CSP 2100, an open x86 Linux/KVM platform and the Avi Vantage software platform seamlessly deliver turnkey NFV capabilities while providing superior elastic load balancing and expanded L4-L7 services. The solution is designed to automate network services with:

  • Standard Intel x86 servers
  • Virtualized/software-defined network functions
  • Full REST API-driven capabilities
  • Elastic “lego-block” scaling of services


  • Software-defined L4-L7 services with reliability of hardware
  • REST API-driven automation and self-service
  • Distributed load balancing fabric with central management
  • Simple scale-as-you-grow elastic with industry standard NFV
  • Pinpoint application analytics and visibility


  • Convenience of NFV appliance + flexibility of software
  • Eliminates server and patch management concerns
  • Scales elastically, on demand
  • > 50% lower product and operational costs
  • Reduce ticket resolution time – easy troubleshooting