Avi Vantage 18.1.X Release Notes

What’s New in 18.1.2






  • Controller syslog events can be sent in JSON-formatted messages for consumption by a wider range of tools


Public Cloud

Cisco ACI

Private Cloud



  • Golang package for Avi SDK
  • Native Terraform provider support for managing Avi configuration

Issues Resolved in 18.1.2

  • AV-23166: OpenShift: Logs consume more disk than the configured limit causing disk to fill up, leading to SE failure
  • AV-23359: After changing one of the nodes in cluster, virtual service analytics page does not render data due to inconsistent metrics mapping between SE and the Controller
  • AV-31453: Changes to /etc/docker/daemon.json are not preserved across Avi Vantage upgrade
  • AV-34379: DataScript in non-admin tenant cannot reference shared IP groups in admin tenant
  • AV-34396: UI: global service cannot map to SNI child virtual service
  • AV-35683: VLAN interface IP removed after changing the bond interface members
  • AV-35689: API session ID does not expire
  • AV-36958: Avi Service Engine responds to ARP for non-VIP addresses in OpenShift
  • AV-38353: UDP traceroute to VIP does not work if df bit is set in the packet
  • AV-38533: OpenShift: Service Engines may fail after deploying route with an invalid SSL certificate
  • AV-39027: OpenStack with Contrail plugin: All traffic for VIP subnet is being routed to Service Engine
  • AV-39760: Controller UI shows wrong metrics for End to End UDP Log Analytics
  • AV-40377: Cisco CSP2100: Secondary Service Engine may not process flows if multiple bond interfaces are in use
  • AV-40421: UI: While creating a Service Engine VLAN interface, UI drop-down menu shows only 8 VRFs

Known Issues in 18.1.2

  • AV-40988 : Linux Server Cloud: Status of all hosts show “start in progress” when only one of the host is non-responsive

Performing the Upgrade

Upgrade prerequisite: The current version of Avi Controller must be 17.2 or later.

Upgrade Instructions

Protocol Ports Used by Avi Vantage for Management Communication

Supported Platforms

Refer to System Requirements: Ecosystem

Product Documentation

For more information, please see the following documents, also available within this knowledge base.

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