NSX-T Support in Avi Vantage


VMware NSX-T provides an agile software-defined infrastructure to build cloud-native application environments.

NSX-T is focused on providing networking, security, automation, and operational simplicity for emerging application frameworks and architectures that have heterogeneous endpoint environments and technology stacks. NSX-T supports cloud-native applications, bare metal workloads, multi-hypervisor environments, public clouds, and multiple clouds.

To know more about VMware NSX-T, refer to the VMware NSX-T documentation.

NSX-T Documentation in Avi

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to documentation for NSX-T cloud integration with Avi Vantage:

Installation References
Installing Avi in vSphere Environment using NSX-T
NSX-T Integration Best Practices
Migrating NSX Transparent Load Balancer to NSX Advanced Load Balancer
Licensing References
NSX ALB Basic Edition Installation Guide
VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer – Basic Edition
Deployment References
NSX-T Design Guide for Avi Vantage
NSX-T Deployment Modes and Design
Configuration References
Roles and Permissions for vCenter and NSX-T Users
Multiple vCenters with NSX-T Cloud
SE deployment in NSX-T with DFW
NSX-T VLAN Logical Segment
Preserve Client IP for NSX-T Overlay