VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer – Basic Edition

Note: The Basic Edition of Avi Load Balancer (formerly known as NSX Advanced Load Balancer) has reached its End of Availability (EoA) date on Jan 30th, 2024. The changes only apply to the Basic Edition of Avi Load Balancer. For additional details, please visit https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/96386.


Starting with Avi Vantage release 20.1.2, VMware NSX ALB - Basic edition is available on Avi Vantage.


  • NSX ALB Basic edition is not available as a separate SKU and is not saleable.
  • NSX ALB Basic Edition supports the following deployment modes:
    • NSX-T Cloud Connector
    • No Orchestrator Mode

For more details on setting up NSX ALB basic edition, refer to NSX ALB Basic Edition Installation Guide.

Feature Comparison (Essentials vs Basic vs Enterprise)

The detailed feature list for each of the editions is documented in NSX Advanced Load Balancer Editions guide.

Converting from Basic Edition to Enterprise Edition

There is no disruption of traffic or downtime while changing the licensing tier from the Basic edition to the Enterprise edition. Once the Avi Controller is in the Enterprise edition, all the features available on the Avi Vantage can be utilized.

Follow the steps mentioned below to set up the Avi Controller in the Enterprise edition.

  1. Check the available Enterprise Service Cores available on the Avi Controller. The available Enterprise Service Cores should be sufficient to license the existing SEs. Changing from the Basic edition to the Enterprise edition is only allowed if sufficient licenses are available on the Avi Controller.

  2. Import and upload the Avi Enterprise license using Avi UI if the Enterprise license is not available on the Avi Controller.

  3. Set the value of the default_license_tier to enterprise.
    [admin:ctrl]: > configure systemconfiguration
    [admin:ctrl]: systemconfiguration > default_license_tier enterprise
    overwriting the previous entered value for default_license_tier
    [admin:ctrl]: systemconfiguration > save
  4. Once the mode change is successful, the SEs are licensed with the Enterprise Service Cores, and the Basic Service Cores are freed up.

  5. The new system-default objects are created according to the Enterprise edition support. The configurations and features available on the Avi Controller will be as per the Enterprise Edition feature enforcement. All the features on Avi Vantage is available when the Avi Vantage is in the Enterprise edition.

How to Get Support

An active entitlement for NSX that has load balancing capabilities is eligible for NSX ALB Basic edition support. This would be supported by Avi and VMware Technical Support teams.


Would deploying x Basic LB SEs and y Enterprise LB SEs on the same Avi Controller be allowed?
No, the Basic edition and the Enterprise edition licenses cannot exist on the same Avi Controller.

Will Avi Basic edition allow AKO for ingress?
No. Enterprise edition license is required to use AKO.

Is Per-App supported in the Basic Edition?
No. Customers can create multiple SE Groups if this functionality is needed.

Can a Controller be upgraded from Basic edition to Enterprise edition?
Yes, the Basic to Enterprise edition upgrade on the Avi Controller is allowed. The only requirement is to have sufficient Enterprise edition licenses to license the existing SEs in the cluster. Upgrade to the Enterprise edition would be seamless and cause zero traffic disruption.