Avi Kubernetes Operator Version 1.6 Release Notes

The Avi Vantage platform integration with OpenShift/ Kubernetes provides a redesigned architecture involving a new operator called Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO). The following illustration outlines the components of the Avi Kubernetes integration.


What’s New in AKO Version 1.6.1

Key Changes in AKO Version 1.6.1

  • Update annotation instead of status field of AKO statefulset after avi object deletion through deleteConfig flag

  • AKO creates single HTTP Policyset object at Avi Controller side for all paths of same host

Known Issues in AKO Version 1.6.1

  • AviInfraSetting CRD can not be applied to passthrough ingress/route

  • AKO is not updating the ingress status when annotation passthrough.ako.vmware.com/enabled: "true" is added to the ingress

  • There are issues when shardVS size changed through AviInfra CR or values.yaml.
    It is recommended to first delete the existing config using deleteConfig as described here and change shardVS size through AviInfraSetting.

  • Dedicated virtual service is not getting created for insecure passthrough route after annotation.

Date Change Summary
December 24, 2021 Published the Release Notes for AKO version 1.6.1