OpenShift and Kubernetes

Enterprise Service Mesh by Avi Networks

Application and Networking Services for OpenShift-Kubernetes

Avi Networks provides an intelligent proxy services fabric with dynamic load balancing, service discovery, security, micro-segmentation, and analytics for container-based applications running in OpenShift-Kubernetes environments. Avi extends to L4-L7 services the automation, elasticity/autoscaling and continuous delivery benefits delivered by Red Hat OpenShift & Kubernetes Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Also, Avi provides unprecedented visibility to OpenShift applications showing service dependencies using application maps.

Avi Networks delivers robust services for OpenShift-Kubernetes based applications such as:

  • Local Load Balancing
  • Global Load Balancing
  • Service Discovery
  • Monitoring/Analytics
  • Security


  • Enterprise-class load balancer for Kubernetes deployments
  • REST API-driven automation and self-service
  • Micro-segmentation, DDoS protection, and L4-L7 policies
  • Application performance monitoring and dependency maps of microservices
  • On-demand autoscaling of applications based on real-time analytics


  • Simplifies application services with central control
  • Faster rollouts of production-ready OpenShift-Kubernetes apps
  • Secures microservices without the need for point products
  • Reduces troubleshooting effort by providing application visibility
  • Eliminates application downtime and improves application performance