Avi Kubernetes Operator Version 1.5 Release Notes

The Avi Vantage platform integration with OpenShift/ Kubernetes provides a redesigned architecture involving a new operator called Avi Kubernetes Operator (AKO). The following illustration outlines the components of the Avi Kubernetes integration.


What’s New in AKO Version 1.5.1

Key Changes in AKO 1.5.1

  • Deprecated subnetIP and subnetPrefix in values.yaml, in favor of cidr field within vipNetworkList

  • Updated spec.network to include networkName and cidr information in AviInfraSetting CRD

  • The length of Avi object names is restricted to 255 characters in SNI deployment

  • Encoded Avi object names in EVH deployment

Known Issues in AKO 1.5.1

  • AKO update ingress status with VIP instead of public IP when public IP is enabled in public cloud deployments

  • AKO-created VIPs on AWS cloud may go down, if new FQDNs are added or removed from the Kubernetes Cluster ingresses. This issue has been fixed on the Controller version 20.1.6-2p5 for AWS.

Before upgrading to AKO 1.5.1 from any version of AKO, refer to the upgrade notes.

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