Avi SDK and Migration Tools 16.4 Release Notes

This article describes packaging changes, new features, and fixes in Avi SDK and Migration Tools release 16.4.

On GitHub, see here.

Packaging Changes

The avif5converter and avinetscalerconverter tools have been merged into a new avimigrationtools package. All new conversion tools will be part of the avimigrationtools package. There are no changes to the avisdk packaging.

Installation of Avi Migration Tools pip install avimigrationtools avisdk

New Features

Migrate a subset of virtual services and all dependent profiles

--vs_filter VS_FILTER comma-separated-name-list-of-virtual-services The above option will only migrate the list of comma-separated virtual services. This is useful when migrating a partial list of applications from an F5/NetScaler to Avi Vantage.

Per-virtual-service list of all skipped settings

Per-virtual service list of all skipped settings that were skipped in the virtual service and all referenced objects. It is a complete picture of any settings that were not successfully migrated.

Conversion status enhancements

The conversion status Excel spreadsheet includes a pivot table of all the partial, skipped and successful settings. It provides an easy way to know whether all settings related to an application were successfully migrated.

Enhancements to the conversion summary

Total Objects of PoolGroup : 0
Total Objects of HTTPPolicySet : 2
Total Objects of VirtualService : 10 
Total Objects of VrfContext : 0
Total Objects of NetworkSecurityPolicy : 0
Total Objects of SSLKeyAndCertificate : 2
Total Objects of NetworkProfile : 23
Total Objects of VSDataScriptSet : 2
Total Objects of ApplicationPersistenceProfile : 10
Total Objects of ApplicationProfile : 27
Total Objects of SSLProfile : 18
Total Objects of HealthMonitor : 22
Total Objects of StringGroup : 5
Total Objects of Pool : 11
Total Objects of PKIProfile : 0

Config patch support

--patch PATCH PATCH Integrated config_patch capability to patch additional settings to the output of the Avi configuration JSON file.

Option to merge profiles

--profile_merge Flag-for-SSL-profile-merge Option to merge profiles such as SSK across multiple virtual services or keep a copy per virtual service.

Option to ignore settings during conversion

--ignore_config IGNORE_CONFIG config-JSON-to-skip-the-config-in-conversion

Any F5 or NetScaler settings matching this name would be skipped during conversion. This is useful to ignore certain settings that are not applicable in cloud based deployments.

Important bug fixes

  • Full test automation that validates conversion over variety of conversion files using Jenkins.
  • AV-16585: F5 conversion script wrongly puts server response data into maintenance server response data field
  • AV-18930: F5 converter Add support for health monitor port.
  • AV-16583: TCP half open missing in F5 conversion script.
  • AV-18931:  F5 converter: Mark status of a node as NA.
  • AV-18926: F5converter: Add support for sys_http_to_https_redirect rule.
  • AV-18928: F5 Converter: Move to NA inherit-cert keychain, allow-http-10.
  • AV-18927: F5 Converter: Ignore for Val allow-non-ssl=disabled, min-active-members=1.
  • AV-18871: Flag-based duplicate profile merging and add support to merge SSL profiles.