Getting Started with Avi Pulse


This guide explains the registering and degistering of Avi Controllers with Avi Pulse.

Getting Started with Pulse


The Controller cluster must be connected and registered to Avi Pulse.

This opt-in Avi Pulse feature requires authentication to connect, create and attach tech support to cases. When you login for the first time, you will see this opt-in message on Pulse > Settings page.

This connects a Controller cluster deployment to a set of Avi Pulse services to simplify the operations.

The following are the prerequisites to register a Controller:

  • Valid portal user accounts needed

  • Firewall requirements (, port 443 should be open)
    • Port 443 access to Avi portal from the Avi Controller.

    • Port 443 access to the customer portal from the customer browser/machine while registering the Avi Controller to Avi Pulse.

  • Change cluster name from default. For instance, set the cluster name of the Avi Controller cluster to uniquely identify the Avi Controller cluster asset. By default, all Avi Controller clusters will have ‘cluster-0’ as their name.

Setting up Proxy for Accessing Avi Pulse Service

A proxy server helps in reducing the data breach by adding an extra layer of security between the internal servers and outside traffic.

The following are the three modes of proxy:

  • No Proxy — All services are directly accessed with out any proxy.
  • System Proxy — Avi services will use system level proxy settings.
  • Split Proxy — Avi Pulse service will not use the system level proxy settings but the proxy defined in split proxy configuration.

The following are the CLIs used for split proxy:

 "use_split_proxy": False,
"split_proxy_configuration": {
     "host":  <host IP>,
     "port":  <port-address>
     "username": <user name>,
     "password": <password>

Registering the Controller to Avi Pulse

The following are the steps to register the Controller to Avi Pulse:

  1. Register the Controller. You can register to the Controller by navigating to Administration > Settings > Pulse.


  2. Select Avi Pulse and click on Register Controller button. You will be directed to the login page as follows:


    Specify the login credentials of customer portal to login. Click on Sign In button. The following window is displayed:


    If you are managing multiple departments, you can choose one department to register to the Controller. After successful login, you will be prompted to choose one of the departments in the Department field. You can also choose one of the support contacts from that department in the Contact field.


    Select the opt-in options to enable that feature and click on Save button. The Pulse will be registered. The following window is displayed:


    You can edit Pulse settings by clicking on edit icon. the following window is displayed:

De-registering the Controller

You can deregister the Controller to disable the connectivity to Pulse portal. Once you deregister the Controller, all Pulse services will be disconnected.

You can re-register the same Controller to access your data.


Click on Deregister Controller button.

The following window is displayed:


You can click on Confirm button to confirm the de-registering the Controller.