Geolocation Database


Avi Vantage includes a geolocation database for identifying the origin of clients.  This is a fixed database based on the MaxMind IP-Country and IP-ASN data. The database is maintained on the Controllers, and incorporates database updates when the Controllers are upgraded.


The geolocation data is used in many locations, including:


  • Client logs
  • Policies, such as white lists or black lists
  • Client insights
  • Security page DDoS attacks
  • Tier 2 objects, such as cache, compression, or logging eligibility

Overriding the Database

IPGroupThe geolocation data may be overwritten or augmented by creating a custom IP group.

For example, create a new IP group called “Internal” and add and Alternately, create a new IP group with Select by Country Code. In the example, the group is named North America and includes US, MX, and CA.

Note: A custom IP group will override only the geolocation database for the tenant in which the IP group was created.