Linux Server Cloud (Bare-Metal) Support in Avi Vantage

A bare-metal Avi Vantage Platform deployment offers elastic application services that extend beyond load balancing to deliver the below advantages:

  • Extends to the front-end ADC the bare-metal benefits already present in the application server back end
  • Adds all the benefits inherent in the software-defined Avi Vantage Platform:
    • Full-featured load balancing, including multiple load-balancing algorithms and advanced HTTP content switching capabilities
    • Fast application provisioning
    • End-to-end visibility that eliminates guesswork and reduces troubleshooting to minutes
    • Real-time insights into application health, end-user experience, and log analytics
    • On-demand autoscaling
    • Point-and-click security and compliance
  • Leverages the raw horsepower of the underlying hardware without the overhead added by a traditional virtualization layer
  • Supports a wide range of Linux operating systems
  • Uses Docker containers for maximum efficiency, reduced resource consumption, and ease of installation

The following table provides a comprehensive list of links to the documentation for Linux server cloud and bare-metal support:

Deployment References
Installation Guide Installing Avi Vantage for a Linux Server Cloud
Bare-Metal OSs, Kernels and NICs Ecosystem Support
Server Maintenance Performing Server Maintenance on a Bare-Metal Host
VLAN Configuration VLAN Configuration on Bare Metal
Public Key Management Public Key Management on SE Hosts
Commands Requiring sudo Commands Requiring sudo Permission in a Bare-Metal Environment
VRF Support VRF Support for SE Deployment on Bare-Metal Servers
Port Channeling Port Channeling on Linux Server Hosts
Docker Docker Installation
Configuration References
Configuration Guide Configuring Avi Vantage For Application Delivery in Linux Server Cloud
Configuration Using Avi CLI Linux Cloud Configuration Using the Avi CLI
Adding Service Engines Adding Avi Service Engines to a Linux Server Cloud
In-Band Management for Service Engine Configuring In-Band Management for an Avi Service Engine
AWS Linux Cloud with No-Access Mode AWS Linux Cloud with No-Access Mode
IPAM Provider IPAM Provider
IPv6 in LSC IPv6 in Avi Vantage for VMware/Linux Server Cloud
Adding Avi Service Engines Adding Avi Service Engines to a Linux Server Cloud
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IPAM Support on Avi Vantage
Tenant-Scoped Clouds Tenant-Scoped Clouds
Enabling Traffic on VIP Enabling Traffic on VIP
Recommended Resources
Sizing Service Engines Sizing Service Engines
SSL Performance SSL Performance
BGP Support BGP Support for Scaling Virtual Services
IPv6 BGP Peering IPv6 BGP Peering in Avi Vantage
TSO, GRO, RSS, and Blocklist Features TSO, GRO, RSS, and Blocklist Feature on Avi Vantage
Integration with Cisco CloudCenter Avi Vantage Integration with Cisco CloudCenter
MAC Masquerade MAC Masquerade
VS Placement Virtual Service Placement Settings