VLAN Configuration on Bare Metal

Avi Vantage supports VLAN trunking on bare-metal servers. If the Avi Controller is deployed on a bare-metal server, the individual physical links of the server can be configured to support 802.1q-tagged virtual LANs (VLANs). Each VLAN interface has its own IP address. Multiple VLAN interfaces per physical link are supported.

Note: Avi Vantage supports VLAN interface configuration on Linux server cloud as well. The UI configuration remains the same as explained in this document.

To configure a VLAN interface on a bare-metal server running Avi Vantage:

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure, and click on the Service Engine (SE) where the VLAN interface is to be created.
  2. Click the Edit button, and the following pop-up window appears.vlan-baremetal1
  3. Click Create VLAN Interface.
  4. Select the parent interface from the drop-down list, and fill in the VLAN and IP Address fields, then click Save. The VLAN interface appears on the Service Engine Edit page.vlan-baremetal3
  5. Click Save again to commit the change.