User Account Self-Service


This guide explains the details on usage of user account.

Editing User Account

When logged into the web interface, an Avi Vantage user can view or change information about their own account.

Note: This applies only to accounts in Avi Vantage’s local user database.

To manage your Avi Vantage user account:

  1. Log into the web interface, if not already logged in.
  2. In the upper right corner of the display, click on your username and select My Account.
  3. The settings that can be modified are listed below. When finished viewing or changing settings, click Save.

Setting User Account

Account Settings

You can modify the following account information for their own user account:

  • Name — Your full name.

  • Password — To change your password, enter a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. (Passwords are case sensitive.)

  • Email — Your email address. This is the address that Avi Vantage will use when you request a password recovery.

Display Settings

Users can modify the following display settings for their own user account:

  • Time — Format for timestamps, such as those that appear in logs or analytics metrics. The format can be Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) or Local Time. In either case, Avi Vantage obtains the time from the specified NTP server.

  • Default Timeframe — Select the time period over which to display information. See Display Time. (link)

  • Metric Value — Change the view of pages such as the Analytics tab of the Virtual Services Details page, to show data points such as the End to End Timing chart as either an Average of the metrics data for the timeframe selected or the most current data point.

Controller Settings

You can modify the following Avi Controller setting for their own user account:

Session Timeout — Maximum number of minutes a management session can remain idle before being terminated by the Avi Controller. The timeout can be 0-999,999,999 minutes.

Configuring Idle Timeout for Admin Access to GUI and API

By default the Avi Controller will terminate idle connections to the GUI and API. You can configure this idle connection timeout value as a global setting, applied to all administrators across all tenants for the Avi Controller.

Only administrators with write access can modify this parameter by navigating to Administration > Controller.

The account can timeout based on the global settings defined by an administrator with appropriate privileges.

You can change this setting via the GUI by navigating to the the logged in username > My Account > Session Timeout.

You can change this setting via the CLI by navigating to show controller properties > api_idle_timeout.