SMTP/ SMTPS Health Monitor


The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) health monitor is used to monitor SMTP services. It can be configured to send mail to multiple recipients.

On successful transfer SMTP monitor will mark the server up, else it will mark the server down. A basic SMTP health monitor will check if the server is up or down by sending ELHO NOOP QUIT commands.

Configuring SMTP Specific Monitor

Field Description Optional/ Mandatory
Sender ID Sender Mail ID Optional
Recipients ID Multiple recipients mail IDs Optional
Mail data Mail data which need to be sent Optional
Domain Name Sender mail domain name Optional
Username Sender username (present under general health monitor configuration under authentication) Optional
Password Sender password (present under general health monitor configuration under authentication) Optional
SSL Attributes Required for SMTPS (secure SMTP) monitor Mandatory for SMTPS (SSL Profile Attribute)

Note: Currently these can be configured only using the CLI.

Configuring Basic SMTP Health Monitor from CLI

This will list mailboxes present by sending LIST command after CAPA and user authentication.

[admin:avi-controller]: > configure healthmonitor example-basic-smtp-hm
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> type health_monitor_smtp
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> save

Configuring SMTPS Health Monitor from CLI

The SMTP health monitor will check if server is up or down by sending complete mail over secure channel.

[admin:avi-controller]: > configure healthmonitor example-smtps-hm
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> type health_monitor_smtps
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> smtps_monitor
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> sender_id xyz
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> recipients_ids user1
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> recipients_ids user2
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> mail_data "HELLO!"
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> domainname
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> ssl_attributes
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor:ssl_attributes> ssl_profile_ref System-Standard
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor:ssl_attributes> save
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:smtps_monitor> save
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> authentication
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:authentication> username xyz
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:authentication> password vhvhdlsh
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor:authentication> save
[admin:avi-controller]: healthmonitor> save

The following are the SSL configurations used for SMTPS health monitor:

  • SSL Profile — Select an existing SSL Profile or create a new one, as required. This defines the ciphers and SSL versions to be used for the health monitor traffic to the backend servers.

  • PKI profile — Select an existing PKI profile or create a new one, as required. This will be used as to validate the SSL certificate presented by the server.

  • SSL key and certificate — Select an existing SSL Key and Certificate or create a new one, as required.

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