Deactivate Primary Pool When Down


Starting with Avi Vantage release 20.1.7, the deactivate primary pool on down option is available for the pool groups associated with a virtual service. If the primary pool goes down, it will also be disabled, and it will not become primary pool group again even when it comes back online. This forces the new and/or existing connections being routed to the secondary pool which takes over the role as the primary, until the administrator manually re-enables the primary pool group.

How It Works

  • A pool group is configured with members with different priorities.
  • By default, the pool configured with the highest priority acts as the primary pool and receives all the connections or requests.
  • When the highest priority pool goes down, the next available priority pool will take over the current primary role and receive all the connections or requests.
  • When the previous primary pool comes back online, it will not resume the current primary role itself. Once the primary pool goes down, it is not eligible to take over until admin manually makes it as the primary pool again.
  • The admin has to make one of the members to as the current primary forcefully.
  • When the admin makes one of the members to the current primary, it clears off all the connections to the old current primary and make the requested one new primary.

Enabling Deactivate Primary Pool on Down Option

Enable the deactivate_primary_pool_on_down flag under the pool group configuration as shown below.

[admin:cntrlr]: > configure poolgroup <poolgroup name>
[admin:cntrlr]: poolgroup> deactivate_primary_pool_on_down
[admin:cntrlr]: poolgroup> save

Enabling One of the Pool as the Primary Pool

[admin:cntrlr]: > show poolgroup pg1 detail
| Field | Value |
| last_primary_pool | pool2(pool-4c86d835-16ec-4a60-839c-064d33040dff) |
| current_primary_pool | pool1(pool-23aad7e1-4f5a-4dbf-8361-0324480cc2c9) |
| last_primary_pool_switchover_time | Wed Aug 18 12:42:22 2021 ms(0) UTC |
| primary_pool_switchover_in_progress | False |
| num_conn_drops_during_pool_switchover | 22 |

Use the enable_primary_pool option to make the highest priority pool primary.

[admin:cntrlr]: > clear poolgroup pg enable_primary_pool

Use the following option to make the specified pool primary.

[admin:cntrlr]: > clear poolgroup pg1 enable_primary_pool pool_uuid pool-4c86d835-16ec-4a60-839c-064d33040dff