How to Check Real Time Sessions on an Avi SE


The show commands – show serviceengine <foo> flowtable and show serviceengine <foo> tcp-flows is used to check the real-time connections to a pool on an Avi Service Engines. These commands can be used to troubleshoot the issue when a pool or a server is down.


The show serviceengine <foo> flowtable and show serviceengine <foo> tcp-flows commands apply to the entire SE. It is recommended to add the desired filters to these commands to filter the output based on the requirement.

> show serviceengine tcp-flows filter
conn_type frontend, backend, or both
core_num Core number
ip_addr Ip address of either src or dst in dotted decimal
ip_mask Ip mask in dotted decimal
listening_ports Listening sockets only
port Src port or Dst Port

> show serviceengine flowtable filter
core_num Core num
dst_ip_addr Destination IP address
dst_ip_mask Destination IP address mask
dst_port Dst port range 1
dst_port_hi Dst port range 2
intfname Interface name
protocol_str Protocol type (tcp | udp)
src_ip_addr Source IP address
src_ip_mask Source IP address mask
src_port Source port range 1
src_port_hi source port range 2

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