Azure Cluster IP Configuration


Avi Controller cluster IP configuration is integrated into the configuration workflow and no longer requires ControlScripts.


  1. Configure MSI based authentication for the Controller virtual machine. For more details on MSI based authentication, refer to Support for Managed Services Identify (MSI) based Authentication for Microsoft Azure guide.

  2. Configure the Controller cluster IP. To add the cluster IP within the web interface, navigate to Administration > Controller > Edit. Add the new address to the Controller cluster IP field as shown in the screenshot below. This change takes effect immediately upon saving.

    Note: The configured cluster IP must belong to the same VNet as the Controller nodes.


Remove Preconfigured Cluster IP

If a cluster IP was configured using ControlScripts for a release prior to 17.2.5, follow the steps below to ensure that it is removed and cleaned up:

  1. Remove the ControlScript, if configured
  2. Delete the cluster IP from the cluster IP configuration page
  3. Remove the cluster IP from Azure portal