Setting a Property for Newly Created Service Engine Group


This articles explains the process of setting any property for a newly created Service Engine (SE) group.

The steps mentioned in this article is used when specific settings are required for SE groups instead of default ones.


For each newly created tenant a default Service Engine group, Default-Group is created. The default Service Engine group is defined per cloud basis. A new Service Engine group is created using the Template Service Engine Group option available on Avi UI.

The properties of the new Service Engine group created will be same as Template Service Engine Group. Using this option, any property can be changed for the default SE group or any other SE group.

  1. To perform changes to a certain property, navigate to Infrastructure > Service Engine Group.

  2. Select the appropriate cloud, and use the Template Service Engine Group option as shown in the below screenshots for different clouds. Use this option, to customize settings for the SE group as per the requirement.


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