Migrating NSX Transparent Load Balancer to NSX Advanced Load Balancer


This guide provides details on migrating NSX transparent Load Balancer to Avi Vantage.

Migration Coordinator can be used to migrate the existing deployments from NSX Data Center for vSphere environment with Load Balancer deployment to NSX-T Data Center environment. After migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center, services can be migrated to NSX Advanced Load Balancer using NSX-T to Avi Migration Tool.

The Logical Load Balancer in NSX Data Center for vSphere provides Transparent Mode configuration capability indicating whether the client IP addresses are visible to the back-end pool servers. The equivalent of Transparent mode is Preserve Client IP in NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Initially, the Preserve Client IP functionality was not supported for Overlay segments, but starting with NSX Advanced Load Balancer version 21.1.4, Preserve Client IP for NSX-T Overlay cloud is supported.

More details about migrating from NSX Data center for vSphere, or NSX-T Data Center is available at Migrate from NSX Data Center (Load Balancer) to NSX Advanced Load Balancer.