IPAM Provider (OpenStack) (16.3+)

Avi Vantage communicates with OpenStack Neutron via APIs to provide IPAM functionality. Currently, DNS services from OpenStack are not supported in this configuration.


  • If you are using OpenStack Cloud in Avi Vantage, then this configuration does not apply, as this is to provide support for other cloud providers who host their VMs/instances in OpenStack (for example, Mesos nodes running on OpenStack instances).

See also: Service Discovery Using IPAM and DNS


Select OpenStack, and enter the following information:

  • Username: Username for logging onto the Keystone host.
  • Password: Password for logging onto the Keystone host.
  • Tenant: Name of the OpenStack tenant.
  • Keystone Host: IP address or hostname of the Keystone host.
  • Network: Network to use for VIP allocation (OpenStack network name or the network subnet IP can be used here).
  • Region: OpenStack region.