Procedure to Remove Avi Service Engine from OpenShift Node


This article explains how to remove an Avi Service Engine from an OpenShift node. The instructions mentioned in this article can be beneficial in the following use cases:

  • Repurposing an OpenShift node where Avi SE is running as a master node.
  • Performing maintenance activities on a particular OpenShift node.


An Avi Service Engine can be removed from an OpenShift node by removing the node label or attribute using the OpenShift client. To remove the node label or attribute, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Create an OpenShift cloud with Include attribute and mention the node label (key=value) on which the SEs should be installed.

  • If an SE is not required on a node, change or delete the label from that node using oc label node option from the OpenShift master node. Login to the OpenShift master node and use oc label node command as shown below. In this example, is the Openshift Node name and zone is the label name that has to be removed.

oc label node zone
  • The SE Docker container will be removed from the OpenShift node and the virtual services associated with the SE will be migrated automatically to some other SE in the SE group.

Additional Information

For more information on removing an Avi SE from an OpenShift node, refer to FAQ on Removing an SE from OpenShift node.