How to Perform a Manual Discovery of New Networks in VMware Cloud


This article discusses the process to perform a manual discovery for the newly added networks in a VMware cloud. When new networks or a port groups are added in the vCenter, but they are not available under the Networks tab of the Avi user interface, then a manual rediscovery is required for the VMware cloud.


A manual rediscover for the new networks in VMware cloud is performed using the following commands:

Login to the Avi CLI, and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Execute the show cloud command, and take a note of the cloud-ID (UUID) which will be used in the below command.
  • Use the rediscover vcenter cloud <uuid-of-the-cloud> command to rediscover the newly added networks and port groups.

To check the rediscovery progress , execute the below commands:

  • show vinfra vcenter
  • show vinfra vcenter <name of the datacenter from the above command>

Sampe Output

show vinfra vcenter


Field	Value

uuid	cloud-37cc0060-2b80-49a2-8f51-7d9c4d20b555
username	root
password	<sensitive>
datacenter_refs[1]	Bangalore
privilege	WRITE_ACCESS

After the rediscovery , the new networks should show up in the Networks tab on Avi UI, but it does not show the discovered subnets. Configure the subnet and static pool for management and data networks for SE creation. Once the new networks gets populated, then disable and enable the virtual services, so that SEs get the right management IPs.

Note: vCenter port groups are Layer 2 entities. They do not have any IP subnet associated with them.

Avi Controller scans all the virtual machines (VMs) in the port group for the IP subnet. The IP subnet will not be present in the discovered network for the following cases:

  1. There is no VM attached to the port group.
  2. There is a VM attached to the port group, but it is not running VMware tools.