How to Install Nutanix without DHCP Support using Avi CLI


This article explains how to integrate Avi Vantage with Nutanix cluster where no DHCP/IPAM. This procedure requires Avi CLI access, and Avi Vantage version upto 18.2.2.

Note: Starting with Avi Vantage version 18.2.3, this guide has been deprecated. However, you can refer to Installing Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor guide to deploy the qcow2 files for the Avi controller or Avi SE.


Configuration on Avi Controller

The following are the steps to configure Nutanix on Avi Controller:

  1. Install the Avi Controller via Acroplis UI and provide the boot command.
  2. Login to the Avi CLI, and configure the IP address using the ifconfig command.

     admin@avi-cntrl1:~$sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask
     admin@avi-cntrl1:~$sudo route add -net
  3. Once the previous steps is successful, you can access the Avi Controller via an SSH connection. Initialise the Avi Controller using the sudo /opt/avi/scripts/ command, and follow the interactive instructions.

    admin@avi-cntrl1:~$ sudo /opt/avi/scripts/
  4. Avi Controller can be accessed via the UI. Proceed with the initialization and create a no access cloud.

Configuration on Avi SE

  1. Install the Avi SE via Acroplis UI. Download the image from the Avi controller as in no access mode. Add only 1 vNIC and connect it to the management VLAN or the management network.

  2. Login to the Avi SE via CLI, and initialise the SE using the sudo /opt/avi/scripts/ -c CONTROLLER_MGMT_IP -i SE_MGMT_IP -m NETMASK -g GATEWAY -r as shown below.

     admin@avi-cntrl1:~$ sudo /opt/avi/scripts/

    Note: Do not add an IP address via the ifconfig command to access via SSH at this point.

  3. After completing step 2, the SE is accessible via SSH if necessary.

  4. In Acropolis, add the necessary VNICs. No reboot is required. The newly added SE can be checked by navigating to Infrastructure > Service Engine.

Additional Information

  • Errors during the installation can be checked using /opt/avi/log_se_supervisor.log on the SE. Check the hostname, and the /etc/hosts file name.
  • Use the following command to check IP address changes on the Avi Controller:

     admin@avi-cntrl1:~$ sudo /opt/avi/python/bin/cluster_mgr/ -i CONTROLLER_MGMT_IP -m NETMASK -g GATEWAY