Changing an Service Engine group's HA mode


Avi Vantage supports the following two types of high availability (HA) modes for SE groups:

  1. Legacy HA
  2. Elastic HA

To know more about HA modes, refer to Oveview of Avi Vantage High Availability. 


Before changing the HA mode of an SE group in a production environment, it is recommended to disable all the virtual services associated with the SE group.

Note: Once a virtual service is disabled, it will be no longer a member of the SE group. It is recommended to perform HA-related changes mentioned in this article during a scheduled change window.

Follow the below steps to change the HA mode from Avi Vantage UI.

Step 1. To check the list of virtual services associated with a Service Engine Group, navigate to Infrastructure > Service Engine Group.

As shown in the above screenshot, there are two virtual services associated with the SE group (Default-Group). Click the + icon for a list the virtual services associated with the SE Group.

AWS-VS-External and AWS-VS are two virtual services, associated with Default-Group.

Step 2. To disable virtual services, navigate to Applications > Virtual Services. Click the checkboxes for the affected virtual services and the click the Disable button, as shown in the below snapshot.

Step 3. Navigate back to Infrastructure > Service Engine Group. Click the edit icon. Change the Service Engine group setting whose virtual services we have disabled in the previous step. In the High Availability Mode section, make the desired selections. For example, changing the HA mode from N+M to Active/Active or vice versa.

Step 4. To re-enable the disabled virtual services, navigate back to Applications > Virtual Services. Select the virtual services from the list. Click the Enable button and select Save.

Note: Make sure that all the virtual services are associated with the correct SEs, and verify the status of each of the virtual services is up after making your changes.