How to add an FQDN to an existing VS that uses an auto-allocated IP


After a virtual service is created with an IP address automatically assigned to it, it may be required to have additional FQDNs pointing to it. This article explains how to option the Avi DNS VS to achieve this result.

Avi UI Directions

Step One

As shown in Figure 1, navigate to Applications > Virtual Services to display a list of virtual services and their IP addresses. In our example, the IP address of the virtual service needing an FQDN is

Figure 1. Virtual service list

Step Two

Click on the pencil icon to edit the configuration of the DNS virtual service. Then select the Static DNS Records tab.

Figure 2. Select the Static DNS Records tab

Step Three

When the static DNS records editor appears, enter the desired FQDN and select A from the Type pulldown, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Static DNS record editor - select type of record to be created

Selecting the static record type brings up additional options within the editor. Complete the fields as desired.

Figure 4. Virtual service list - complete required fields for an A record

Avi CLI Directions

Refer to Adding Custom A Records to an Avi DNS Virtual Service.