Function avi.vs.log()
Description Logs the message passed to the connection log. This will be shown as ds_log in the connection log API.
The maximum length of the string that can be logged is 256.
This API can be invoked multiple times which results in the message passed to be concatenated.
Messages will not be concatenated only during a memory crunch.
By default, all logs are non-significant but can be upgraded by passing a preset value `avi.SIG_ENABLE` as last argument..
Parameter Accepts arbitrary number of parameters. Logs may contain any arbitrary combination of string, number, Boolean and nil values.
Returns No return value
Example Example 1:

avi.vs.log("hello ", num, " you!")
Output: hello 2 you! This is generated as a non-significant log.
Example 2:

avi.vs.log("hello ", num, " you!", avi.SIG_ENABLE)
Output: "hello 2 you!" This is generated as a significant log