avi.pool.select (L4)


Function avi.pool.select( pool, server, port )
Description Selects a pool or a specific server and port within a pool for the current request.
Parameters pool is a specific pool name or an expression that evaluates to a valid pool name.
The server parameter (a string) is the IPv4 address of the server, in quotes.
The port parameter (an integer) forwards the connection to a specific service port of the server. The port must be a number between 0 and 65536, or an expression that evaluates to a valid port number.
Caveats The pool name, server name or IP, and the server port may be called explicitly, or dynamically determined based on a Lua expression. If the pool name, server, or server port do not exist or are not able to be referenced by the virtual service, an error is generated.
Returns No value returned
Example 1 Forward the request to an explicit destination.
avi.pool.select("radius",server, 1812)