Commands Requiring sudo Permission in a Bare-Metal Environment

When a host is added to Linux cloud, the Avi Controller will spawn an Avi SE container on the host by running a series of commands. All basic and read-only commands can run without “sudo” permission, but some commands require it. Following are the commands which require “sudo” permission.


sudo permission to execute script which runs when a host is added/modified/deleted to/in/from the Linux cloud
Writing to se_setup.log logfile
mkdir -p /opt/avi/log/se creating log directory
docker info to verify Docker available space
docker rmi to remove the Docker images
docker images to see the Docker images
docker ps -a to see the Docker containers
docker start to start the Docker container
docker stop to stop the Docker container
docker rm -f to remove the Docker containers
docker exec to run the command on the Docker container
docker run to run Docker container
docker wait to wait until Docker container stops
docker load to load the Docker image from se_docker.tgz
docker pull to pull the Docker image from the Docker repository
docker login to log into the Docker repository
Writing to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ for CentOS-specific network interfaces configuration
service start/service stop to start/stop the SE services
systemctl start/systemctl stop to start/stop the SE services
modprobe to insert kernel module (Used for dpdk)
mkdir -p /mnt/huge used in case of dpdk
rmmod igb_uio; rmmod rte_kni; to remove kernel module
chkconfig to check service status
Writing to /etc/init.d/ to update the service files
Writing to /etc/systemd/system/ to update the service files
systemctl enable to enable the service