Collecting Tech Support Logs in Avi Vantage 18.2.1 - 18.2.4

Tech support logs are used for offline troubleshooting. This article describes how to collect tech support logs from a single Avi Controller or 3-node Avi Controller cluster. If you are running Avi Vantage 18.2.5 or higher, refer instead to this article.

Note: In a 3-node Avi Controller cluster, the steps mentioned in this article automatically collect logs from all the three nodes. The commands need not be entered separately on each Avi Controller node.

Collecting tech support logs from Avi UI

Follow the instructions in this section to collect tech support logs from the Avi UI.

Navigate to Administration > Troubleshoot and select Generate to create tech support log files.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.29.15 PM

Click on the plus sign at the rightmost position in the archive row) to display additional information. Click on the download icon as shown in the below screenshot to download the tech support file to the local drive. Download the .tar.gz file and then convey it to Avi Support for further troubleshooting.

downloading tech support log

Collecting tech support logs from Avi CLI

Follow the instructions in this section to collect tech support logs from the Avi CLI.

  • In an Avi Controller cluster, one of the nodes is the leader or the primary node. Login to the leader node using any ssh client, such as putty. is the leader node in this example.

login as: admin

Avi Cloud Controller

Avi Networks software, Copyright (C) 2013-2017 by Avi Networks, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Version:      17.1.6
Date:         2017-08-30 15:35:21 UTC
Build:        9022
Management:                UP
Gateway:                    UP

admin@'s password:

To know more about the leader node in an Avi Controller cluster, refer to Overview of the Controller Cluster. To know more about SSH key generation, refer to Avi CLI access.

  • Type shell command, and enter your credentials.

admin@avi-cntrl1:~$ shell
Login: admin
  • From the shell prompt, run the command show tech-support serviceengine.

    The command show tech-support serviceengine create debug logs for the particular SE.

    Note: For reference, Avi-cluster1-SE1 is the Avi SE for which we want to collect the debug logs.

[admin:avi-cntrl1]: > show tech-support serviceengine Avi-cluster1-SE1
  • This command generates core files and other debug logs, which are stored in /var/lib/avi/tech_support directory on the Avi Controller leader node. Use cd command from the Avi CLI to get access to the directory. Check the debug logs and the other log files, which are available in compressed form with tar.gz extension.

Sample tech support log file: debuglogs.20170915-124030.tar.gz The number 20170915 in the log file debuglogs.20170915-124030.tar.gz represents the date of generation of the log files, i.e., 15 Sep 2017.

The following are the available options that can be used while executing the show tech-support command.

[admin:cntrl]: > show tech-support
clustering       show system tech clustering
debuglogs        show system tech support
gslb             Collect GSLB logs on this site
placement        show system tech placement
portal           show system tech portal
serviceengine    show se tech-support
upgrade          show system tech upgrade
virtualservice   show vs tech-support
[admin:cnrl]: > 

Collecting tech support logs using Avi API

Execute the following command to collect tech support logs using REST API.

GET https:///api/techsupport/debuglogs

Using Tech Support API v2

Starting with Avi Vantage release 18.2.2, API version 2 (v2 API) is available for collecting tech support logs.


  • Tech support v2 API is not blocking in nature. The v1 API is blocking in nature. The v1 API blocks the access of the device until the tech support collection completes. On average, the tech support collection takes more than five to six minutes. This duration is dependent on the number of cluster nodes, number of log files, bandwidth, etc. Because of this duration, the CLI timeout and timeout intervals are increased to capture tech support logs successfully using v1 API.

  • v1 APIs are not deprecated. You can still use the blocking API (v1 API) in the scripts as required.

The following are few of the API methods which are used to collect tech support logs:

  • Use the following API to collect tech support logs.

GET api/techsupportv2/debuglogs
  • Use the following API to collect logs tech support logs for specific SE instance.

api/techsupportv2/serviceengine/<SE Id>
  • Use the following API to check the status of tech support collection. The following API indicates the path for tech support tarball (files)and the current status.

GET api/techsupportstatusv2
  • Use the following API to download the tech support files.

GET api/fileservice?uri=controller://tech_support

Additional Information

The following command collects the debug logs on each of the Avi Controller nodes. This option keeps the collected tech support bundle to a minimal size. The option is especially useful if the core archive bundles that are present have already been uploaded and fixed.

show tech-support debuglogs