Alerts on Avi Vantage when an Auto Scaling Group is deleted on AWS

Avi Vantage synchronizes information of Auto Scaling groups configured on AWS. Starting with release 17.2.12, and 18.1.2, if any of the Auto Scaling groups is deleted on the integrated AWS, a corresponding alert, and an event is generated on Avi Vantage. Alerts can be checked on the Avi user interface under the Pools tab. To check the alert, navigate to Applications > Pools, select the desired pool.


Navigate to the Alerts tab to check the alerts for the Auto Scaling group deletion. In the example mentioned below, the Avi UI exhibits alert for the deleted Auto Scaling groups: auto-scale-group-1 and auto-scale-group-2.


The alert (aws-ags-deleted), generated on the Avi UI, has the following information:

  • Deleted ASG: auto-scale-group-1, and auto-scale-group-2
  • Pool information: Pool name: testVS-pool, and pool ID: pool-218adf6b-b349…..
  • Associated cloud: Cloud ID


  • If multiple Auto Scaling groups are deleted on AWS, there will be only one alert for the specific pool (for which ASG is part of).
  • If the deleted Auto Scaling group is part of multiple pools, then Avi Vantage generates alerts for each pool.
  • While reconfiguring the same Auto Scaling group on Avi Vantage, the information regarding associated members are available to reuse.